Location: Andrews Air Force Base, DCANG 1234

Work Performed: Installation and demo of Multi-Plex system Duct



Location: National Zoological Visitor Center

Work Performed: Installation and Demo of Roof-Top Unit with

Duct work, Installation of gas lines and generator



Location: National Zoological Elephant House                        

Work Performed: Constructed and Installed Bollards for cage enclosure.



Location: National Zoological Beaver Valley Asia Trail

Work Performed: Water Main tie-in, Installation of new lines to building



Location: National Zoological Propagation Building

Work Performed: Installation of new MAU, and Steam Pipes and

Exhaust Fans.


Location: Garber Facility

Work Performed: Cut, Cap and Installation of new water lines

to Building 24



Location: Andrews Air Force Base, DCANG 3227 and 3236

Work Performed: Installation and demo of VAV boxes, Hot water coils,

AHU Units, Ductwork and Diffusers



Location: National Zoological Lion and Tiger Homeland Security Upgrade

Work Performed: Demo and install of Bathroom facility as well as Rooftop AHU



Location: National Zoological Think Tank

Work Performed: Demo and Install of Bathroom fixtures as well as all new supply lines, waste lines and vents

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